PCOS: Losing Weight or Gaining Weight.

PCOS is condition that does not fall into any typical category and it seems that it is being regulated by its own, sometimes imperceptible ways. Without the sufficient knowledge and experience, this disease can gravely worsen, while on the other hand doing the things right can make it completely disappear. When we talk about disappearing, it’s important to understand that PCOS will actually still remain in the body, but it will remain in the state of recession and may not reappear until the rest of your life.

All you have to do to manage it right way is to start some healthy diet and exercise. The final purpose is quite simple – you have to make your system clean of toxins and reduce the excessive weight. At the same time you should not starve yourself until you begin an unnatural weight loss. Although you actually lose weight in a matter of weeks, when doing it unnaturally or in some drastic way, it won’t give any health benefit, but may actually undermine your health.

Thus you should start opportunely with the right pcos weight loss program, offered by your local gynecologist. Sometimes you must be prepared that your doctor won’t give you enough understanding, as this disease may require some alternative medicine knowledge, in order to come up with a good treatment program. Although the pcos weight loss is a matter of individual consultation, it relies on the basics, which could be useful for any patient, and so we shall provide them below.

The rule number one is to take it easy and don’t overdo things. If you feel any discomfort, you could try pushing a little bit further but only gradually. Don’t ever try to give all on your first try. After leading many years of the unhealthy life, doing some exercises really becomes nothing but pain. Doing a simple exercise may feel like climbing onto Olympus, and taking a short walk may feel like weight lifting. So start with the small things, but do it consistently. It is much better to exercise 15 mins every day than 1 hours once a weekend.

The rule number two is about knowing your limits. You should not try push yourself further to achieve some heroic records. For instance, when we say jogging, you can manage to run a mile or two, depending on your condition, but you should never aim for maximum speed, otherwise it may only do you harm. The whole idea of these cardio exercises is to do a decent load and keep yourself in this state for a while.

For instance, running in circles casually for 20 mins will be better than running full speed for 5 mins. Keep the load regular and make sure your heart beat is elevated. Only with elevated heart beat you can actually activate the mechanism of burning the fat that is stored in the body. Otherwise, the body will only burn food in your stomach.